Our Mission and Vision

Ranch Hands Rescue

Ranch Hands Rescue is a human and animal sanctuary founded on hope and healing for the long term recovery of trauma victims, special needs animals, and male survivors of sex trafficking.

Bob's House of Hope

Bob’s House of Hope provides a home built on safety and community to meet the unique needs of male survivors of sex trafficking.

Our Story

When Bob started Ranch Hands Rescue in 2008, his vision was to help special needs farm animals by providing them a sanctuary where they could heal and live a life of dignity and purpose. He believed they were just as valuable as healthy animals, they just needed a little extra help. At that time, there was not a rescue for farm animals with chronic health issues, and Bob wanted to fill a gap. As he began working with these animals, he noticed they were having a healing effect on him both mentally and physically. So, with support from an open-minded trauma therapist named Kim, he formed the counseling component of RHR which became known as Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling.

This unique modality is built on an eclectic model that integrates several trauma-informed approaches all tailored to meet the needs of those trauma survivors who have not found success in other treatment programs. Once again, Bob sought to fill a gap in the community by establishing a program that works for the 1-10% of the population who need a different or more alternative approach to mental health therapy.

After a decade of successfully implementing this vision, Bob was asked to join a coalition to address the issue of sex trafficking in DFW. It was then that Bob came to learn about the complete lack of resources for male victims of sex trafficking. Along with his team, Bob discovered that despite boys making up nearly 50% of sex trafficked minors, there was not one facility in the entire United States dedicated to the recovery of male survivors 18 and up. Bob resolved to fill that gap.

On June 1st, 2021, Bob’s House of Hope opened its doors to these unseen survivors of sexual slavery. Finally, there is a place for these young men to go to escape the horrors of commercial sexual exploitation, and more importantly, a place for them to rebuild their lives and start fresh with the skills they need to live a life of dignity and purpose free from the ravages of trauma.

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