Who We Are -
Human & Farm Animal Sanctuary

“It’s animals helping people and people helping animals. We know that some kids, some adults will tell an animal something before they will tell an adult in a traditional office environment.”
– Bob Williams

We Are Their Last Hope

Ten years ago, we set out to rescue, rehabilitate and provide farm animal sanctuary and human sanctuary for the worst-of-the-worst farm abuse and neglect cases.  We take animals with special medical needs and provide them with treatment and a loving home. Through our Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling (EAAC) program, we are able to treat both humans and animals who have suffered trauma. The nurturing of our animal sanctuary allows a bond to grow between the abused and neglected animals and people, helping both toward healing.

Our Mission For Our Sanctuary

Ranch Hands Rescue is a animal sanctuary and a counseling center for people founded on hope and healing made available to all regardless of ability to pay.

We reach out with helping hearts to change our world by recognizing the inherent worth of every living being in our community. Working with our animal partners and Licensed Professional Counselors, we help each child, each adult, and each family experience transformative change available through trauma-informed animal assisted psychotherapy.

We believe that victims, especially children, are innocent, and it’s our moral obligation to help provide them with a way to heal from these terrible traumas. The segment of the population we serve desperately needs our help. We are honored that our program serves the entire Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex and beyond.

We Focus on Those with the Greatest Needs

Through our Animal Sanctuary we rescue animals that others have given up on, and most thought should be euthanized. We rebuild the human bond, and then give them a purpose here at Ranch Hands Rescue through our counseling program. We utilize Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling (EAAC) to allow severely traumatized children, battered women, veterans, and those with other mental health issues to heal where other therapies have failed.