What We Do -
Trauma Therapy & Support

“Ranch Hands Rescue has a positive impact on our community. We establish trust and inspire others.”
– Sergeant (RET) Christopher Maples

We Seek to Bring Hope & Healing For Every Human and Animal With Trauma Therapy

With our one-of-a-kind PTSD and trauma therapy treatment program, we are able to help facilitate healing for both humans and animals who have suffered trauma. We serve a very specific clientele that has not responded to traditional counseling services. The combination of counseling facilitated by Licensed Professional Counselors or LPC interns along with the nurturing of our sanctuary animals helps lead the client to healing.

Our Counseling Services

What sets Ranch Hands Rescue apart from other programs is our Equine and Animal Assisted Counseling (EAAC) along with EMDR. EAAC is a psychotherapy modality that allows emotionally hurting individuals to build a relationship with a horse or other animal to bring about transformation and healing. Select our counseling services below to learn more.

Our Veterans Program

After spending years in military service, many of our veterans struggle with PTSD and other serious mental disorders. At Ranch Hands Rescue, we have mental health professionals who specialize in providing trauma informed counseling and stand ready to provide support, therapy, and healing to these amazing veterans. Read about our PTSD treatment programs below.
Nursing Home
Veteran’s Counseling
Vets for Vets

Combatting Sex Trafficking

An ugly hidden secret taking place all around us is one of the fastest growing criminal enterprises: sex trafficking. At Ranch Hands Rescue, we see the painful effects of sexual abuse on many of our clients are proud to announce our latest initiative, Bob’s House of Hope, to help young men aged 18-24 who are in need of help and healing from sex trafficking. Read about our programs below.
Bob’s House of Hope

Testimonies of Healing

“Ranch Hands Rescue quite literally saved my life and I can‘t thank them and their animals enough. My life turned around after having animal therapy. It made me realize that if these animals that have suffered so much abuse and are still loving and kind, then maybe I could feel better too. Knowing that I could help animals and they could help my healing was life-changing. Thank you RHR for saving my life and giving me hope for my future.

– Kassidy