The Path to Resilience: Combating Pimping and Grooming through Education

Combating Pimping and Grooming

When you think of human trafficking you think of what you see in movies and lifetime specials, a child getting snatched from their parents or a young girl being lured away by a predator in a foreign country. The truth is, there are many different ways in which traffickers pursue their victims. Often traffickers are viewed as a bright spot … Read More

The Truth About Male Sex Trafficking – NYC’s Dark Secret

Male sex trafficking victim walking through Bob's House of Hope meadows

By Ashley Mastronardi | Original Article Published By News 12 Brooklyn New York City and the country have a dark secret. When you think of sex trafficking, you tend to think of women and girls. But experts say up to 50% of youths trafficked nationally are male. “The reason I am disguised today is because I have identifiable tattoos that … Read More

Focusing on Help for Abused Men and Boys

Help for Abused Men and Boys

Male Sex Trafficking & Its Effects With years of experience helping sex trafficking victims process their emotional trauma, RHR is developing a plan to change the severe lack of aid for young boys trapped in the sex trafficking industry or male sexual assault victims. Half of sex trafficking victims are male, but to add to boys’ nearly invisible victimhood, “only … Read More