Understanding Vicarious Trauma

By Callie Nisbet RN-BSN, Freelance Nurse Writer, Certified Mental Health Advocate AACC What is Vicarious Trauma? This article is meant to give understanding to those who work and support individuals that have been through a complex traumatic, and often life changing event. Vicarious Trauma, also known as VT, by definition, is the emotional and psychological trauma and distress that is … Read More

The Truth About Male Sex Trafficking – NYC’s Dark Secret

Male sex trafficking victim walking through Bob's House of Hope meadows

By Ashley Mastronardi | Original Article Published By News 12 Brooklyn New York City and the country have a dark secret. When you think of sex trafficking, you tend to think of women and girls. But experts say up to 50% of youths trafficked nationally are male. “The reason I am disguised today is because I have identifiable tattoos that … Read More

Ranch Hands Rescue – 2023 Year-End Letter

Dear Supporter, I hope this letter finds you and your family well. Connecting with you via my year end letter is one of my favorite things to do during the holiday season. Before I dive in, I’m happy to share that we have a matching gift of $10,000 from Richelle and Dustin Austin, two of our amazing angels here at … Read More

Ranch Hands Rescue – 2023 Mid-Year Letter

Horses at Farm Animal Sanctuary Ranch Hands Rescue

Dear Supporter, I am a little late with my Bi-yearly update. Most letters end with an appeal to hope. Today, I want to do things a little different and begin this letter with hope. I think we could all use a little hope today. I believe there is a solution for every problem. It may not always be easy to … Read More

Male Sex Trafficking | Male Survivors of Sexual Assault: The Invisible Victims

Male Sex Trafficking & Male Survivors of Sexual Assault and Trafficking

Written by Mags Gullo, Program Director for Bob’s House of Hope In today’s world, most people have heard of human trafficking. When we think of human trafficking, most of us probably think of labor trafficking or the sex trafficking of women in other countries. The problem with this thought process is that we overlook boys and young men who actually … Read More

Ranch Hands Rescue – 2022 Year-End Letter

Dear Supporter, Before I begin my year end letter (one of my favorite things to do), I want to share with you some exciting news that just came in. First, we have a $25,000 matching gift for all donations through 12/31/2021 from our friends Richelle & Dustin Austin. This means that all donations up to $25,000 will double if received … Read More

Self-Care & Community Care: The Importance of Incorporating Both Into Our Lives

Self-Care & Community Care - The Importance of Incorporating Both Into Our Lives

By Jordan Small, MA, LPC COVID-19 has impacted many people in negative ways. Research shows that people have experienced an increase in anxiety, depression, fear, social isolation, and a decrease in distress tolerance (Usher et al., 2020).  Additionally, research explains that the lack of in-person social connections has caused poor physical and emotional health (Usher et al., 2020). As a … Read More

How to Relate Better with Your Children Using Filial Play Therapy

Filial Play Therapy

Entry submitted by GERARDO BLANCO, MS, LPC, LMFT-S, RPT What Is Play Therapy? You may be asking yourself, “What is filial play therapy, play therapy and why should I consider parts of this approach with my child.” Simply put, Play Therapy is aptitude in relationship. It is utilizing the art of relating and responding to build a relationship and increase … Read More

What Are Triggers?

What Are Triggers?

I love the Trisha Yearwood song from the early 90’s, The Song Remembers When, in which she sings about hearing a song on the radio. As a therapist now I recognize this as an emotional trigger. Hearing the song stirred a memory of a past relationship and she describes her reaction: “It was like a lighted match had been tossed … Read More