The Human-Animal Alliance Awards Grant to Ranch Hands Rescue

The Human-Animal Alliance Awards Grant to Ranch Hands Rescue

Press Release: August 28, 2023

The Human-Animal Alliance has awarded a $20,000 grant for PTSD victims, the provision of trauma-informed Equine, and Animal Assisted Counseling sessions to Ranch Hands Rescue.

The Human-Animal Alliance was built on the knowledge of just how powerful the human-animal bond can be. They believe that all humans deserve the opportunity to have animals in their lives and foster close relationships with them. Through their grant funding programs, the H-A A is committed to creating a world where everyone can experience the unconditional love and the life-changing physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual benefits that only animals can provide.

Our Plan To Help Others with Human-Animal Alliance’s Grant

Ranch Hands Rescue is an animal sanctuary and mental health counseling facility in Argyle, TX that specializes in treating people, mostly children, suffering from traumatic life experiences such as physical and sexual abuse, sex trafficking, domestic violence, and more. The RHR team focuses on individuals not making progress in current treatment programs. The animals that live in the animal sanctuary have been rescued from a life of abuse and neglect. They are then partnered with Licensed Professional Counselors to help clients understand and overcome the disabling mental health effects of trauma. Thanks to grants such as this from H-A A, much of the counseling services are provided free, or at low cost, to families who cannot afford treatment.

Bob’s House of Hope’s Role in Helping

Bob’s House of Hope, a division of Ranch Hands Rescue, is the first safe house in the country for young men who have been victims of sex trafficking. The youth who live in the house receive mental health care through RHR’s counseling program. As such, these innocent victims will also benefit from the grant provided by The Human-Animal Alliance. In addition to the young men who have been victims of sex trafficking, the Human-Animal Alliance’s generous contribution can also double as a grant for PTSD victims who need help.

For more information on The Human-Animal Alliance, please contact Founder, Jackie Ducci, at [email protected]. For more information about Ranch Hands Rescue, please contact Executive Director, Landon Dickeson, at [email protected].